Berlin, 2009

Berlin, 2009
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Thursday, January 15, 2009


back back back from miami i am full in love. in love with the ocean and perhaps even the sand. yet the lifestyle seems a bit slowed, dulled even something i think maybe maladaptive for me. a hindrance that would start at annoyance and when time passed an ache would manifest. and no victoria not one of my psychosomatic ails you constantly accuse of being 'plagued all day' (you remind me of myself as

ignatius in confederacy of the dunces

(im really into the fictitious right now (and plays also)). but back to this ache it would inhibit my natural erratic fastness that may remain still at times, at times. But an absolute stillness that is imposed is a lifestyle norm. reading

streetcar named desire (plays are fabulous one day reads)

on the beach, with my brother staring outward next to me, the repetition of sounds that no longer had autonomy, the monotony of the beach culture and this simple rhythm and awful awful repetition of barbie as beauty and ken for that matter, eerily enough there was something synonymous with blanche and i together there. that ache. not just in being but rather in the wanting of out.

sidenote: finally a newly added member of this blog, some gmail issues. seriously! hihihihi all. not to you vic i live with you. but everyone else that i dont see as frequently. also i havent really read the posts so ill get on that.

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  1. May I make a request for you to post the pics in the series you're working on with your bro., and that joing poem about the stars?
    When do you start school back? You're taking no classes, right? Just advising? What's the plan? Hugareoooo