Berlin, 2009

Berlin, 2009
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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oma to Oma: Summer’s First Song

-- For my tzaitchik to grow, fast annd radiant, and hop up springing!

Come now, naked girl, take your clothes, leaves,
rays, tie them ‘round your waist and neck,
like a good girl.

Come summer now, naked one, strolling ‘bout
the ground like a home emptied of shame,
and all eyes filled with salut
fly to you settling on your bare skin
like one-day butterflies.

Come now, naked summer, give the green
its yellow due and the bees their fuzzy hew
and the fruit their bright luster
so the plants’ stems grow strong and tall
to support the weight of a full harvest.

Come now, summer, naked girl unharmed
strolling unscathed the roads and long days’
nights, greeted just by benevolent cheers,
wrapped only in the the light’s long arms
protected as if by swords unneeded, the rays
melt into braids hanging low-down, south
around the body, tickling just a bit the back and breast.

And no man will say a rude word to your passing,
sweet girl, for the words in his throat
will turn into birds and fearing to chocke
he will throw them up in a funny wordlessness
and each time thence he opens his mouth for
an incompetent insult, his jaws will snap
so hard and tight, they won’t open again for a fortnight.

And moving unabated, your eyes will bless
the dirty and the humble (children), waiting
and calling you with all the muster
a gentle othermother can bestow:
my naked summer!