Berlin, 2009

Berlin, 2009
We want more voices, thoughts and languages!

Monday, January 5, 2009

January 5 Happy Monday!

sun salutate in the morning stretching to coax out the lazy bed-wallowing yellow beast. Here, there is snow too! And right now we live by the canals, where the water is running on ice and we skate on our shoes near the swans and the birds holding hands so's to fall together...if falling happens.
Busily looking for apartments and jobs, studying German with sprinkles of russian and italian. Asja, 2.5 years old, Livorno, Italy, calls to talk often, so while German seems a priority, Italian is also ringing.....
Well, we shall make a signs for all the objects in German, Italian, Russian and French. Will they mix-up-the letters and the sounds or help re-member the complementarity and insufficiency of a language alone?
We we we...but just me here, in this nice room we are going to have to leave soon, which is a bit scary, but so may be jumping over an ocean, and who's counting?
Everyone here is very nice so far. Last night Tina made a big dinner with pesto her mother made (though not by hand with mortar? like Oli) and it was yummmmy! Ebba lives in the back and her lover Kristen stays often. I don't know Ebba almost at all. She's young (20's) and from Sweden (which I always confuse with Switzerland, stupid donkey me). Stefania and Nicoletta live in the next room. Stefania sings and cooks simultaneously, or sows (sp?) on stage. Nicoletta is a cook. They are lovely together. I see them jumping and hugging on New Year's Eve on the street. They made an instructional video of how to cook risotto above. Tina just came back from her sister's wedding in Italy and showed us the video of Italian line dancing! We are considering learning...
Dante is a big 11 year old black whoof whoof who is also a guest this week and I'm not too afraid. Whoohoo! Sorry for the rambles. More structure coming soon? Emailing you now for your thoughts and anythings. Misses and huggggggs.

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