Berlin, 2009

Berlin, 2009
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

replying to: one way world

Yes, Re-Play: play-station... play in the internet... playblog (that's not playboy)

Since i’m notoriously contorted – let’s say: convoluted –I turn my first page – my own – and wonder – aloud – and yet not face to face – what a spectacle is this – of this pubic – decency, please! public I mean – spectacle – living, breathing drafts – an exchange – was it not a secret – mumble then! – promise – like everything that matters – what do you mean? – every word which matters… remains unspoken – the lips can harder and more – are you sucking? – can harder and more – than – ah! you see?! “than” – it will always be its guilt! Writing like this? Writing together. To each other. Together. To each other. So: my question: where is the spectacle? Is it “together” or “to each other”? Surprisingly enough I locate it in the “together” – in this instance – maybe – sure – in this new – again? – shameful personal case. In other words: you always want more words: is the spectacle communication or expression? I would start from that. That also means: I may end up here.

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