Berlin, 2009

Berlin, 2009
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The happiest story

One morning the white tigerrabbit woke up and the sun had filled up the snow. He stretched, his paws and his big strong arms. He was thinking of his beloved porcupine and kissing him in his mind over the ocean. Although the ocean was big, and white tigerrabbit had not seen his love for almost a week, he knew exactly where his love is and how long it takes to get to him, how he smells and how much he kisses him every day. So he was happy. He wanted to hold his porcupine in his arms more than anything, but he also knew a secret of time. According to this simple secret, he knew that the dialogue between him and his porcupine was all kisses.

First he made some very bad coffee because his mother did not have any good coffee and only coconut milk. Now coconut milk is supposed to be the best, but in coffee it is not so good after all. He had a million more things to write down, but he knew perfectly well that his love the porcupine had their secret happiness under the bed and it was only that he sometimes pretended not to see it to taste its sister deepest sadness. So, he decided to continue on to bed, as he was quite tired already and jump into porcupine's dream arms.

So, till soon.

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