Berlin, 2009

Berlin, 2009
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The sinking of today's criminal-in-power: Silvio Berlusconi

I have been looking for almost an hour now for a good article on the referendum results in Italy. Alas, as you might guess, I find only political articles in a degraded sense: politics unerstood in this case as a shabby narrowness of perspective, where long-term and non-election oriented results are absent. Perhaps someone reading might take a bit of time to throw out at least a fragment on this historical debunking of today's criminal-in-power: Silvio Berlusconi

Here is the best article I've foundanalyzing Berlusconi's reign from a critical business perspective:

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  1. To sum up:

    57% of the Italians living in Italy have voted a referendum yesterday and the previous day.

    95% of them said that water must remain public, nuclear energy is not to be in Italy and Berlusconi should stop escaping trials.

    It should mean: let´s get ready for new elections. It might mean that the goverment will remain like it is , doing nothing for another long while, but it might also mean that new elections are coming soon.

    Surely it´s a clear signal that, despite all the media, Berlusconi lost his fuck-appeal. It also means that good left wing parties are taking space (much more left than the ´democratics´) and the Church... bye-bye.

    Basically, it looks like there are good chances to have some nice change down there... more than a simple lefty-loofy...

    I would dare to hope for some exasperation more... a bit more of Berlusconi and Lega... so to have water right at boiling temperature...

    Actually I think... it´s time to get the spaghetti out of the closet... almost time to cook...

    Gnam gnam...

    Too optimistic, or just too hungry because I skipped lunch? kiss