Berlin, 2009

Berlin, 2009
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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Maya! Eliza! Come out come out wherever you are! We tried to email you two days ago Maya but haven't heard back. Then we looked at what we thought was your new email address and well, we're not sure if we're reading it correctly but I sent an email to your old hotmail as well..... WE MISS YOU!

Oh so much has been going on. I am officially out of a job on July 1st. Yep, the economy is tanking and I'll be jobless! I'm secretly really excited. I'm thinking about moving to Costa Rica or maybe South Korea first (they pay really well and I can pay off some of my bills) and then Costa Rica?

How is everything in Germany? I want some more pictures! Of your new place! Of the outside.....GERMANY and my friends!


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  1. Oh, me! Here i just wrote the most brilliant (dontlaugh!) commentary ive ever written and of course it got erased, so all you get is: here i am! thank you! congratulations! welcome to the jobless life--the only really live! tell me please about South Korea!